Celebrate With Your Load!

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Shione Cooper

Octobre 26, 2012
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Celebrate With Your Load!

A new scene with Shione Cooper is always a cause for celebration. So get out the horns and champagne because she’s back! The fans love her, as does the writer of these words! Here are just a few of the comments members have left: “Shione is a 10 in my book!” said Anonymous. “Just an amazingly sexy woman!” proclaimed fredishere. “Unique mischievous face and lovely curves, nice cute belly!” declared Dart77. I couldn’t have phrased it better myself, gentlemen.

If Shione’s face were the only thing showing in the photos, we’d still be stroking up a storm. Look at those blue Czech eyes and that pouty lipsticked mouth. But we’re lucky to be able to see everything from top to toe, like those 36DD bells warmly encased in a red lacy bra underneath that sexy mesh slip. As usual, Shione does lots of wonderful things in her new pix and Full HD video...naturally, we get to extensively feast our eyes on her cleavage. We don’t have to tell you that you’re going to be erect and squirty at the low angle views of her glorious glands as they hover above you, the nipples stiffening, urging your mouth to go right up to the computer screen to take a lick! You can tell how inspired our DDF cameraman was by Shione. Capturing her from so many great angles, on her back, on her side, squeezing her boobs, licking them, pressing them together with her upper arms...and oh yes, Dart77, that wonderful cute belly is on full display! Her tummy deserves a load as much as her cleavage...

Shione takes out a light purple toy and fills her snatch with it, and fucks her titties too. She lets the toy stick out of her box like a tail as she kneels on the table in the doggie position, her boobs hanging down. Over what are you going to bust your loads for Shione this time? Face, tits, tummy, tush? She gives us so many sights to choose from!

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