Breasts before Books

Marina Visconti & Viola aka Viola Baileys aka Annabelle

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Breasts before Books

Marina Visconti and Viola aka Annabelle start off with good literary intentions, thinking they’re going to read a book...but when gals are dressed as scanty as they are today, other things come to mind!! Soon they’re investigating the tingling treasures held in their lacy boulder-holders and shorts. Marina (a redhead this time, she likes to change her hair color a lot!) lays back and Viola roams in the valley of those voluptuous 34D Russian knockers...but soon enough Marina is returning the favor by sucking hard on Viola’s own Latvian 34Ds. Yes, gentlemen, there’s a lot of fine nipple-nuzzling and cunny-slurping as the ladies pull aside their underpants for deep exploration with tongue and hands. You’ll especially love how damp Marina’s muffin makes Viola’s penetrating fingers!! Some great shots of Marina’s butt, too. But of course, the girls always keep us in mind in this fine serving of big tits porn, as they push their big natural boobs toward us in nude pics that almost seem like 3D!!

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