Dolly Fox

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Née:Février 05, 1988


Couleur des yeux :green

Couleur des cheveux :blond

Taille:5'6" | 168cm

Bonnet :34F (US)| 75H (EU)

Tour de taille :27 | 69

Hanches :38 | 97

Pointure:7½ | 38

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Derniers Commentaires
  • Wow, they're big. Full and round. Insanely sexy. Let's hope Dolly needs cock as much as we need her mammaries!


    il y a 5 mois

  • Boobs of a doll. And she is foxy too.


    il y a 1 an

  • you are so perfect, i hope that one day, you will make a girl/boy scene ;) thanks for me pleasure

    Steve Smith

    il y a 1 an