Crafty for Cleavage

Ava Koxxx

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Crafty for Cleavage

Photographer Nick Lang has the good fortune of shooting the statuesque 6’3” Ava Koxxx today, but he has a hidden agenda in his trousers! He finds an crafty excuse to send his assistant Thomas Stone on a long errand, just so Nick will have a chance to woo his way into Ava’s 34I (as in ai-ai-fuckin-ai!!!) bosom. He gloms his mouth on her big ones, then works his way further into her affections with his attentions to her quim. Plowing her breast valley is followed by Ava’s eager oral service on his rod, and they’re going at it spoon style when Thomas suddenly comes back, shocked to find his mentor and employer banging the model! He verbally campaigns for his own serving of Ava’s considerable charms, and is soon sucking her nubs and finding his own way into her box. Yes, Thomas gets everything his boss enjoys, and then the two lensmen stand over Ava as she tugs Nick’s inches between her knobs and gives Thomas her mouth. She rides Nick a little more before getting into position for a lake of sperm to be blown by his log into her cleavage, and she sucks Thomas until he shoots all over her right knocker. Thoroughly creamed, Ava basks in the wetness and hefts her hooters toward us for inspection as this Full HD video and nude pics of big breast sex goo to a close!

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